Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be employed strategically in every stage of a business’s development.

Exclusive Sales and Divestitures

We work closely with our clients on all stages of an exclusive sales or divestiture:

  • Assess and define the competitive strengths of their companies;
  • Establish a range of values for the enterprises;
  • Select the optimal strategy and tactics to meet sales objectives:
    • Sales of a majority or a minority stake
    • Sales to strategic or financial buyers
    • Broad auction process or discreet contact with a single acquirer or short list of buyers;
  • Market the deals;
  • Facilitate the process;
  • Provide sellers with the necessary advice to make their optimal decisions;
  • Work with legal counsels to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements
    are met.

Acquisition Advisory

We assist clients in executing an acquisition after we have worked closely with them to determine that acquisitions will help them realize their strategic objectives.

If a strategic need has been determined but no target identified, we can assist in:

  • Defining the criteria for a target and developing a tactical plan for the process
  • Undertaking an acquisition search process based on the agreed criteria;
  • Marketing our clients to potential targets;
  • Providing our clients with the necessary advice to make their optimal decisions;
  • Continuously assessing new options and alternatives;
  • Managing the deal processes

If an acquisition target has been identified, we can assist in:

  • Approaching the target;
  • Developing a value for the target;
  • Continuously reassessing the strategies, tactics and alternatives
  • Facilitating the deal process

While we help business leaders sell all or part of their businesses as part of their effort to diversify, we also help them to prepare for this important event because we believe that good preparation is the key to success.

Case Study:
> Phoenix International > An East Coast Terminalling Company > An Established 3PL

We regularly advise clients with regard to growth through mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. We assist in developing strategy, identifying the optimal strategic alternative and executing the transactions that lead to the achievement of goals.

Case Studies:
> GENCO: Acquisition Advising > GENCO ATC: Merger Integration > A Renewable Energy Company

We advise clients on discrete issues and overall corporate issues. We can assist in the acquisition of capabilities and in the divestiture of business units that no longer fit clients' missions.

Case Studies:
> An East Coast Terminalling Company > A Midwest-based 3PL

We can assist you in raising capital by helping you to evaluate your strategy and tactics and present your exciting attributes to a variety of equity and venture captal investors.

Case Study:
> A Renewable Energy Company