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Helping a Billion-Dollar Global Freight Forwarder Grow via Acquisition

Company Background

A successful global freight forwarder seeks to grow in strategic US markets via acquisition

SEKO Logistics was a billion-dollar global freight forwarder and technology-focused logistics company controlled by Greenbriar Equity Group. The Company was actively looking to grow and enhance its US network through strategic acquisitions of well-managed and profitable freight forwarding companies operating in some of the key US gateway markets (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles).


Companies Contacted


Engaged In Discussions


Companies Visited

The Challenge

Finding companies that meet the buyer’s criteria and are also willing to sell

Finding a sufficiently large number of targets that could benefit from SEKO’s network and technology while meeting SEKO’s criteria for business verticals, services, and markets.

Creating a pipeline of potential targets large enough to increase the probability to complete at least one acquisition while not being reliant on any one deal.



Republic Partners' Role

Implemented large-scale systematic search effort

Republic employed a systematic approach to identify potential prospects by utilizing its knowledge of the market and access to numerous industry resources and databases. After identifying over 250 companies, Republic contacted them to confirm their suitability for SEKO, then to spark interest in speaking with them.



Presented the benefits of joining SEKO and guided the M&A process

Following productive initial telephone conversations, Republic moved the process forward by having the parties sign an NDA, exchange information and financial data, and schedule in-person meetings. As the process progressed, Republic advised SEKO on valuation for the target, submission of an LOI, due diligence, and negotiation on the purchase contract.

The Results

The diligent and systematic effort produced two acquisitions within
12 months

Republic identified, initiated, and advised SEKO in the closing of two acquisitions: GoodShip International based in Chicago and Air-City Inc. based in New York.