Strategic Advisory

At Republic Partners, we believe that a company well-prepared for a transaction will be one that will be most successful in achieving its objectives and an investment bank that knows its clients intimately will be the bank that can truly serve their best interest. By providing strategic advisory services, we help companies consider a variety of strategic alternatives and be prepared to execute transactions successfully.

Strategic Alternatives

We advise business leaders on the strategic alternatives available given their objectives:

  • A business can grow by developing organically, acquiring others, entering into joint ventures, or selling to an acquirer with complementary resources or capabilities. The choice will depend on the owners’ objectives, the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the competitive landscape, state of financial markets, and a myriad of other factors.  We help business leaders assess their alternatives in a systematic way so that they would reach their optimal choice.
  • Business owners preparing to liquidate or exit also face a large number of alternatives.  They can sell all or just a percentage of their companies.  They may also be able to liquidate simply by leveraging the business.  Again, we help owners assess their alternatives and arrive at an optimal choice.

Strategic Planning

We provide strategic planning services to companies at all stages of business development:

  • We work closely with leaders of start-ups and growing companies to develop and assess alternative growth strategies such as organic growth, joint ventures, or mergers and acquisitions and examine the financial implications of each;
  • We provide market insights to assist business owners in the optimization stage with the development and evaluation of alternative options such as selling or refinancing;
  • We work with business owners one to five years in advance of their planned liquidity or exit.  We advise on the changes, such as organizational structure, soundness of financial reporting, and financial performance, needed for the owners to realize their financial objectives at exit.

Financial Analysis

We leverage our experience and knowledge of the financial markets in helping clients develop business plans and financial projections.

  • We serve as the out-sourced financial planning resource to start-up clients who lack the resource and capability to develop the necessary financial projections for potential investors and lenders;
  • We help clients construct financial models to examine alternative opportunities in order to select the optimal growth strategy;
  • We advise clients preparing for liquidity and exit on the key financial performance metrics that their companies need to achieve in order for them to realize their exit objectives.

Merger Integration

When we advise on an acquisition, we are prepared to help integrate the acquisition.

A well-executed merger integration program will facilitate:

  • Smooth continuous operations from Day 1;
  • Retention of customers and employees;
  • Rapid financial integration and capturing of synergy;
  • A united front to customers, regulatory agencies and financial markets 

While we help business leaders sell all or part of their businesses as part of their effort to diversify, we also help them to prepare for this important event because we believe that good preparation is the key to success.

Case Study:
> Phoenix International > An East Coast Terminalling Company > An Established 3PL

We regularly advise clients with regard to growth through mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. We assist in developing strategy, identifying the optimal strategic alternative and executing the transactions that lead to the achievement of goals.

Case Studies:
> GENCO: Acquisition Advising > GENCO ATC: Merger Integration > A Renewable Energy Company

We advise clients on discrete issues and overall corporate issues. We can assist in the acquisition of capabilities and in the divestiture of business units that no longer fit clients' missions.

Case Studies:
> An East Coast Terminalling Company > A Midwest-based 3PL

We can assist you in raising capital by helping you to evaluate your strategy and tactics and present your exciting attributes to a variety of equity and venture captal investors.

Case Study:
> A Renewable Energy Company