An established 3PL
Selling a declining business in a challenging economic environment


A third-party logistics company β€œ3PL” founded in 1958, boasted a roster of long-time Fortune 100 clients. Acquired by a private equity firm in 1998, the company struggled to overcome the dual impact of a weak economy and a rapidly consolidating customer base. In the spring of 2004, the holding company decided to sell the 3PL.


Despite the 3PL’s superb management team and blue-chip customers, revenues continued to decline during the divestiture process.

Republic Partners’ Solution

To attract new investors, Republic Partners worked to emphasize the 3PL’s sterling reputation and the potential that the business retained. In partnership with the 3PL’s executives and a co-advisor, Republic Partners identified a number of potential buyers. Due to Republic Partners’ strategic positioning of the 3PL, the private equity firm was able to complete a successful sale.

While we help business leaders sell all or part of their businesses as part of their effort to diversify, we also help them to prepare for this important event because we believe that good preparation is the key to success.

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We regularly advise clients with regard to growth through mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. We assist in developing strategy, identifying the optimal strategic alternative and executing the transactions that lead to the achievement of goals.

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We advise clients on discrete issues and overall corporate issues. We can assist in the acquisition of capabilities and in the divestiture of business units that no longer fit clients' missions.

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We can assist you in raising capital by helping you to evaluate your strategy and tactics and present your exciting attributes to a variety of equity and venture captal investors.

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